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Shipping & Returns

Dear US customers,

All products will be shipped from Canada, but we will bring them over the border so that you can enjoy lower shipping costs and faster deliveries. We will start with shipping on Thursdays, which means we will ship your order within a week. We may add more shipping days if sales warrant such an addition.

Please note that after you have paid for your order, you won't be brought back to Wattaplane.com. Your payment makes your order valid. If for any reason, we cannot ship your order, we will reverse your payment.

If you don't receive a tracking number for your order after the shipping day, you can find the tracking number by checking the PayPal transaction record in your PayPal account.

For returns, please contact info@wattaplane.com for instructions.

Thank you very much for shopping on Wattaplane!

Best regards,

Max Xu